The European Union Film Festival is an annual event that showcases a selection of European films, giving local audiences a taste of Europe’s diversity and creativity. Films screened are recent and have encountered success in their country of origin. The films showcased in this festival may belong to a specific country, but they are all representative of Europe’s common cultural heritage. This film festival, now in its 28th year, is a window into the intriguing world of European cinema but also offers a platform to showcase films by young Singaporean film-makers.


28 years in a long time in the history of any festival. It takes content, vision and constant re-invention to keep festivals going and growing year on year.

The European Union Film Festival (EUFF), in its 28th edition this year, is Singapore’s longest running foreign film festival. Each year, EUFF brings Singaporean and European communities together, adding to the cross-cultural dialogue through the narrative of cinema.

We are grateful to each of the participating countries who offer a variety of their best films they have available to them. Through their carefully curated selection, they help us present the depth and wide range of European cinema to audiences here. This has resulted over the years, in the growing audience numbers, the deepening engagement as well as the critical acclaim that the EUFF has received.

After many years of presenting the festival in various cinemas, we moved last year to the iconic National Gallery Singapore reinforcing the excellent cultural collaboration and cooperation between Singapore and Europe. Art and film are a perfect and some would say, a natural fit to do this. Our venue provides us the important cultural context to establish the EUFF as a significant cultural event in Singapore. This year also marks the first European Year of Cultural Heritage and we are pleased to continue our partnership with Singapore in this context.

From 10 to 20 May, we invite you to discover the many facets of Europe, through the wide variety of thought-provoking films in this year’s edition, starting with the opening film from Austria, Fly Away Home. This film directed by Mirjam Unger is based on influential children’s book author Christine Nöstlinger’s autobiography “Maikäfer, flieg!” and portrays her experience as a child of war. We are delighted that the director will be joining us for opening night. In fact, this year, we present more post-show conversations with directors and others associated with some films.

The EUFF celebrates not just Europe’s diversity; it shines the light also on the craft of filmmaking here and in the region. Therefore, and to celebrate EU-ASEAN cultural cooperation, a new addition in the year of Singapore’s chairmanship of ASEAN and its assumption of the role of ASEAN’s EU coordinator is the inclusion of the South-East Asian omnibus ‘Fragment’. This features the work of ten exciting South-East Asian filmmakers.

We also continue our partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film and Media Studies. This allows several student shorts to feature alongside European films, offering a first festival platform for budding filmmakers.

We are grateful to our Title Sponsors – The German European School Singapore for their support for a second year in a row and look forward to deepening this excellent partnership in the coming years.

We wish to thank contributing European countries for selecting fantastic films from their home countries. An exciting new edition of EUFF is in store for you.

Our greatest appreciation to our many partners, friends and long-time supporters for making this festival what is today.

We look forward to welcoming you at EUFF 2018.

Barbara Plinkert

European Union Ambassador to Singapore

Karin Fichtinger-Grohe

Austrian Ambassador to Singapore



For the second year in a row, GESS has the honour of being the sole title sponsor of the European Union Film Festival. We are an international school with strong German and European foundations and we believe in developing confident, forward-looking students through an education centered on respect, openness and inclusiveness.

Therefore, we take extra pride in continuing to stand by this festival which not only celebrates film as an art form but also uses it purposefully to promote cultural exchange. In the days to come, the audience will be transported through the lenses of various directors to different lands where we will hear different languages and get insights into cultures that might still be unknown to us. Let us use these moments to enrich our understanding of the world!

In August 2018 this year, we will be moving to a brand new campus on Dairy Farm Road. As an extension of our continued support of European culture and the arts, we will be launching a new arts initiative at this new campus. The walls in the building are being adapted to seamlessly feature works that tell stories about some of the greatest artists’ visions. Honest to the school’s European foundations, selected works will primarily be of European origins.

The curated works will be chosen based on how they are able to advance students’ understanding of various concepts, how they stimulate interdisciplinary thought and inspire students to think deeply about the ideas that drive arts and that arts drive. The works, which will be bound together thematically, will also be supplemented with word clouds and thought-provoking quotes.

It is our desire that such initiatives will continue to promote the value of arts! For now, I am incredibly excited to be personally impacted by the lms that are being screened right here in the National Gallery, the arts hub of Southeast Asia.


Christoph Zänglein

Principal, GESS




Celebrating its 60 th Anniversary in 2018, the Singapore Film Society (SFS) is the longest-established cultural film organisation in Singapore. Run by an executive committee of experienced professionals, the Society curates and runs a year-round programme of screenings of feature and short films from all over the world. SFS works with embassies, high commissions, arts groups, educational institutions, charities, film distributors, and any entity sharing the same objective of promoting the appreciation of Film as a medium of art as well as entertainment. SFS provides expert advice, friendly assistance, and full-scale turnkey management resources for film festivals and other movie-related events. Contact Kenneth Tan, Chairman.