• The_Dark_Valley_poster

    The Dark Valley – (Austria)

    A remote high mountain valley towards the end of the 19th century. A stranger, Greider, arrives at a clannish village community and asks if he can take shelter for the winter. He knows the villagers’ …

  • 26EUFF Belgium

    The taste of blueberries – (Belgium)

    Jeanne and Michel, a very close couple in their eighties, share a life that seems to get more and more routine. The days are all beginning to run together. But this June 3rd will be …

  • 26EUFF Bulgaria

    The Judgment – (Bulgaria)

    In a small and poor village in Bulgaria, located close to the border with Turkey and Greece, Mityo loses his job and is forced to accept to work for his former commander in order to …

  • plakat kauboji

    Cowboys – (Croatia)

    The film Cowboys is a comedy based on a Croatian hit theater play. It is the story of eight outsiders who are trying to create a theater play while breaking every rule of theater craft. …

  • revival

    Revival – (Czech Republic)

    Once known as the “Czech Beatles,” the revolutionary rockers in English-language, band Smoke have long since gone their separate ways. But 40 years later, several of the members come together to play at the funeral …